Environmental social governance (ESG)

Bridgetech Automotive takes a proactive approach to ESG, regularly reviewing our strategies to minimise negative environmental, social and economic impacts in line with best practice. This ethos is entrenched in our operations – both internally and through all of our outputs.


Endeavouring to minimise our environmental impact is an integral part of how we do business. This includes:

· embedding sustainable behaviours by reducing energy and water consumption and using renewable green energy where possible

· minimising our use of paper, reducing waste and increasing recycling

· encouraging employee awareness of environmental issues, including reducing travel carbon footprints and using available technology

· ensuring managed services comply with the WEEE Directive and ENERGY STAR® rating for server infrastructures

· helping protect and maintain local environments.


We operate a welcoming culture, with high ethical standards and one where the employee voice is valued. We do this through:

· promoting an open and inclusive culture, managed objectively and transparently

· encouraging a culture of respect, supportiveness and equity

· pursuing an active commitment to workforce health through our physical and mental wellbeing strategies

· observing our legal responsibilities under current legislation.


Throughout our business practice, Bridgetech Automotive is committed to:

· embracing workforce diversity – recognising and respecting the interests and needs of diverse stakeholders

· valuing diversity of perspective – leveraging the diverse thinking, skills, leadership experience and working styles of our employees and other stakeholders

· building a flexible organisation – providing opportunities for work arrangements that accommodate the diverse needs of individuals at different career and life stages

· respecting stakeholder diversity – developing strong and sustainable relationships with diverse shareholders, communities, employees, governments, customers and suppliers

· demonstrating zero tolerance for unfair and unlawful discrimination, protecting employees from adverse treatment because of association or perception related to any protected characteristics.

For a full copy of our ESG policy, please get in touch.