Audit and advisory solutions

We review your end-to-end claims-handling process to discover how technology can improve third-party capture and credit hire settlement.

How it works

At some stage, you may require external advice within your claims process.
It might be in relation to costs, settlement times or a technical solution.

Founded on more than 70 years of collective experience in the motor claims industry, our audit and advisory solutions are designed to answer your questions and suggest practical ways to solve problems. They provide advice, guidance and hands-on practical assistance.

Audit and advisory solutions cover:

Once we have a good understanding of your business and the challenges and opportunities that you face, we will appoint a qualified, experienced consultant to work with you. During this period, they will pinpoint the specific requirements of the situation, consider the best way to approach them and recommend an appropriate solution: subsequently working with you to deliver this solution, should you want them to.

The solution

We never set out with a specific solution in mind. We tailor each answer to suit your particular requirements.

Contact us

To discuss any of our solutions or services, please contact:

Matt Millington

Matt Millington, Commercial Director
M: 07585 970765
E: [email protected]

Matthew Porter, CEO
M: 0330 020 0559
E: [email protected]

Other services


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Third-party capture

Our chatbot technology quickly and efficiently captures third parties, pulls them into hire and repair services and captures critical event data.

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SMS distribution and tracking of Copley letters – capturing real-time notification of receipt and access by the third-party driver.

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Tools to help you reduce fraud, spot upcoming financial problems and defend yourself against unfair and inappropriate insurance claims.

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